All classes suspended due to COVID19

Musical Friends

Music, Movement, Dance and play for all ages.  


We receive daily updates from the Department for Education through schools.  In school, they are asking that everyone washes their hands when they first enter the building, and are encouraging children to wash their hands with soap and water after playtime, before eating snack or lunch and throughout the day as they feel necessary (such as after coughing, sneezing or blowing their noses).

We are following the same rules at Musical Friends

*Please wash or sanitise hands when entering the hall

*We currently can’t provide hand sanitiser as out of stock but will try and supply some sanitizer wipes. If you have you own please help our stock by bringing your own. But the most effective way is to wash hands with soap.

*Please encourage children not to put equipment in their mouth as best you can

*We will continue to wash and sterilise our equipment daily.

*Please encourage your child to wash hands before snacks

*Drink bottles and cups are kept out of reach of other children so they don’t get shared.

*We will make sure all surfaces are wiped clean.

*If you have any fevers, please do not attend a session, young children, grand parents and pregnant ladies are venerable with or with the coronavirus.

*For now monkey will blow kisses to friends Rather than making direct contact.

Together we can stay safe. xx

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