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Covid Rules and Regulations with in a Child Play Activity


Its now all been left for public and businesses to decide.. eeeekkk

Musical friends will not be making any huge changes, but its important to read the updates.

 What would cause more an impact financially to musical friends is if someone attended knowing they had any form of covid symptons. This would mean me having to close the classes, my business and self isolate and refund everyone. Musical Friends is not backed by a franchise, it is run and set up by Debbie, been self employed there isn't sick pay or government funding. 

Please be mindfull and respectful that some people will continue to choose to wear a mask and it is very important not to judge those that do so. we have no idea everyones back ground, reasons or health issues.

With this is mind if anyone has any concerns, Please message me and I will do my best to accomadate you.

1)Please continue to sanitise hands on arrival and before refreshments. I personally think this is just good hygiene with or with out a covid pandamic.


2) If you or your child has covid symptoms, has been generally unwell, had sickness or diarrhoea within 48 hours then please do not attend.

3) We will Continue to fully ventilate the room

7) High standards of cleaning in-between sessions and of equipment and chairs will continue and will always remain a priority with or without Covid.

8) Where possible please do not ring in pushchair, soft teddies and toys from home.  

Of course all the above could change at any time, so please keep updated via our website and our face book page.

Best wishes

Debbie and Monkey 

Thank you for your co-operation.

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