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What to expect from Musical Friends



Bubbles Fun, hoops, Nursey Rhymes, movement, dance, action songs, parachute play, refreshments and more.


A fun, happy hour of music and play for children and babies from birth up to 4 years of age.

Come join in the fun and enjoy spending time with your little ones in a friendly atmosphere.

We have developed a fun class that appeals to all ages.  Pay per session, pre book you class today.


We encourage children to use the space around them and have fun with music.


Stay for a cuppa after and have a natter whilst your child plays and makes friends. Lots of musical instruments to play with to keep your child busy.


Children are encouraged to move around and join in the fun but are also happy for them to sit back, watch and enjoy watching there peers whilst enjoying the sound of the music.


We are not a pressured group and like to have fun. Develop your child's confidence, co-ordination, language and speech by having some fun.


Musical friends has a structure to its sessions and the music changes every 4 weeks.


We start every session by waking up the musical monkey and then enjoy an hour of playing instruments, dancing to music with ribbons and shakers whilst learning our good old classical Nursery Rhymes.


I hope you find everything you need on my web site,


Musical Friends is focused on providing a fun high quality service in a relaxed atmosphere.


I will do everything I can to meet your expectations

Book now and join in the fun


Terms and conditions 

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